Laptop Sleeve Girls

A happy start is half the battle. When you see this cheerful print, you almost feel like starting an hour earlier. The laptop sleeves have a YKK metal zipper and gold embossed leather label. This product has a 5 mm foam protection on each side.

Height: 22.7 cm Width: 32.5 cm Thickness: 1.8 cm 

Compatible with: 

- 12-inch MacBook from 2018 edition 

- 2018 edition 13-inch MacBook Air widescreen and retina display 

- 13 inch MacBook Pro from 2009 and 2018 edition 

- 12-inch MacBook from 2018 edition. 13-inch 

-MacBook Air widescreen and retina display from 2018 edition 

-13-inch MacBook Pro from 2009 and 2018 edition


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